West Hollywood is more than just a directional specification - living in West Hollywood is a completely different scene than your average Hollywood living experience.  Let’s dive in and see what living in West Hollywood is all about.  

Where to Eat and Drink

West Hollywood is decked out with a plethora of fancy restaurants serving a multitude of delicious cuisine.  Is sushi your life? Sushi Park may be unassuming in appearance and location, but their no nonsense approach to sushi is what they’re known there.  Is yakitori your thing?  Vegas restaurant Aburiya Raku opened their doors in LA, rejoice!  Want to keep it classic and grab a burger?  Irv’s Burgers of Route 66 fame has been slinging sliders since 1946.  Fancy yourself a midnight snack? Jones Cafe serves Italian food until 2:00am, and has the best apple pie in town.  Pizzaholic? Prova’s top quality and creative recipes are calling your name.   When living in West Hollywood, you’ll find that there’s a fantastic local spot for anything your heart and stomach desire.  

When you’re living in Hollywood, the Sunset Strip is in the heart of your neighborhood, meaning that good nightlife is not short of supply.  Got your dancing shoes on?  Get familiar with Bar Lubitsch, you’ll be there a lot.  Like custom craft cocktails?  The Church Key has a myriad of delicious cocktails, and a pretty killer food menu to boot.  Want to take your netflix’n’chill out on the town?  The Surly Goat may be playing your favorite couch marathon session instead of the game, complimented by a fantastic beer list.  Are you living in West Hollywood for the music?  Legendary venues Whisky a GoGo and The Viper Room are just down the street.  Lastly, American restaurant Pearl’s may have some good eats, but the rooftop bar is why people come and don’t want to leave.   


Staying Active

Staying fit is important when living in West Hollywood amidst all the great times you will be having.  Luckily, there’s plenty of fitness options in WeHo, fit for any workout regimen or fitness style.  Equinox West Hollywood has something for everyone.  Its fancy high end sports club has the amenities a conventional gym offers as well as workout classes, pilates sessions, a spa, and that’s just the start of the list.  Finding yourself wanting to get in shape, but not sure what’s best for you?  Mansion Fitness has pre-planned workout courses that will help identify your goals and keep you on the track towards achieving them.  Is alternative fitness more your jam?  AuraYoga is the most critically acclaimed yoga studio in all of Hollywood, and Jenny Tate Pilates is bound to get you limber beyond belief!


Shopping in West Hollywood is as bustling a scene as one would expect.  If there is one place you should take the time to get familiar with when living in West Hollywood, it’s the West Hollywood Gateway.  The shopping center’s walk-through style outdoor layout is jam-packed with restaurants, retail outlets and boutique shops.  If you’re looking for higher grade food options than the average grocery store or supermarket, the Whole Foods in West Hollywood is going to be your best friend.  Lastly, if the West Hollywood Gateway somehow manages to not have something you need, there’s a row of retail stores and boutiques that stand alone on Santa Monica Blvd - it’s all about where you look!